Friday, February 27, 2009

some things

1. I'm working on a video with Xenia and Matt. It's called either "Sisters" or "33 Omer" which is in reference to Lag BaOmer: a Jewish holiday during which people light huge bon fires and sleep outside. Read about it here. It looks pretty good so far, we're filming on Toronto island's Snake Island.

2. Also, moving to the island this summer again with Sarah Pupo, Zeesy Powers and Zoe Barcza. I think this means many midnight swims and fires by the beach. I'll be working on a huge project this summer it kind of blows my mind. I'll write about it later!

3. Last Sunday for the Bruce Peninsula record release Victoria and I installed a beautiful fake forest with a maypole at the Polish combatants hall. It looked really nice, green leaves were bursting out of every crack! I wish I had a nice photo of what it looked like sans people but for now this will do:

4. I'm watching Rosie O'Donnell on television right now and she is insane.

5. I shared a room with Vic and Isla at the Whitehouse flea market/garage sale, I made about $6 sewing random buttons onto people's clothes but also got to spend time with pals while drinking the most delicious cider. I got a beautiful green feather hairpin from Ashley and got my bangs trimmed by Vanessa R for $2. Pretty good!

6. If you're in Toronto this week you should really go to this !!!

ok bye