Friday, July 24, 2009

I finished the first one, this is my second feathery guy

I like this one a lot, there is a big crevice in the back, you can wear it like a crazy helmet

Here it is looking out the window! I have feather fetish obviously.

We made our first bread yesterday, very simple, delicious, next time I will experiment more.

There is a woman named Ayoko in the centre, she does people's astrology charts. she is doing mine right now, this one is Sarah's. It's in Japanese so you have to sit with her as she explains it to you.

Taylor, Simon and Marina stayer over, it was really nice, we stayed up until 5am.

On Wednesday after posting that last entry I really got into writing. It's very enjoyable once you figure out the pace and mood and what you want to say. I had to really coax myself to get into the mood after hours of procrastinating and drinking glass after glass of water that I didn't really need. Like, I know I'm supposed to be writing but suddenly I get a strong urge to sweep the floor. What is that?

I'm really happy with 3 stories so far but not happy enough to post them here. Maybe if we're good pals you can read them and tell me what you think? It would make me feel better about writing.

My sister Xenia now has a website!! It's being built now but when it's done it will be the best. It's already awesome, just look at those potatoes !!

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