Wednesday, July 15, 2009

There are deer in the Don Valley, just so you know. There were two of them, they kissed and ate some leaves in front of me and generally seemed unfazed by my staring.

Last fall/winter/spring I spent days walking around the Don Valley Park looking for people who live there in shacks and tents. I found a few sites that someone obviously used as a home and my plan was to come back in the summer and join them for a while.

Yesterday I spent a few hours in the park looking for those shacks and found nothing. It's kind of deflating. Plus, the areas I walked through changed a lot because of Plants, specifically Thorny Plants that ripped my skin apart as I walked through them.

next time I will wear pants, go when it's not too hot and not by myself.

If you're a pal and would like to spend a day with me in the park hanging out with park dwellers and their pets, please let me know! It will be an adventure! Last time I went I almost fell off a bridge when I was trying not to get hit by a train. At least you may see deer.

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raymi lauren said...

wanting to come visit you again soon!