Saturday, July 11, 2009

tuesday night the full moon was crazy and orange and we looked at it from the pier

I'm trying to work hard but getting easily distracted here

this was the longest most beautiful boat ride

this is Zolo

found a swan nest on an island that was empty and had a black lake inside like a hole

I've been collecting feathers to construct a Frankenstein bird with

and this squiggly guy

this is what became of it (it's still becoming)

this is what it looks like close up, it's kind of weird


Work is moving but slow. I'm trying to do many things at the same time as usual and the island is very distracting. But also very relaxing. Trying to finish writing 25 short stories for someone I realized I'm a horrible writer, seriously! I don't even know if practicing writing more would help. I can't even blame the language problem anymore, it's just me.

I'm going to the city now for the first time since Monday.

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