Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Do you have a recurring dream space? Can you describe it to me? Mine has always been a rocky island with a distinct border in the South. The border is marked by Black Water and tall Waterfalls and it's always Night. Sometimes the black water is Frozen. It depends on the Dream.

Last night I was on the island again, it was daytime and a drunk man wearing boots that didn't fit had drowned in the canal. He didn't really drown, he had thrown himself in the water. I tried to save him, unsuccessfully. What does this mean? I could see his face as he sunk in the water, he looked right at me.

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Xenia said...

Mine is a huge house with many many rooms always reminiscent of the stairway halls we had in Russia or in Israel, especially Ahuva's house and a huge huge hall full of showers like gym showers and bathrooms but enormous maze of. about 70% of my dreams happen there.

I think that your dream has a something to do with the JCO story (Where are you from...) and wanting to beat the feeling it left t(i.e. terrified /outta control) so by taking the character to your familiar dream place and making sure he was dead rids you of the fear. ?