Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Last night something upsetting happened.

The building that I live in will be a hundred years old in September. It was the first island school and now it has a weird vibe, like you can feel scary emotions bottled up here from way in the past. Especially at night. Everyone who had ever lived in this building admits that there is something very strange about it and that at least once during their stay they felt scared shitless of something mysterious.

Our studio is in the old "Boys' Dormitory" room which means that little boys slept right here many years ago. And kids are really disturbing creatures. No offense but they can be vicious and have really developed imaginations and I can only picture the kind of insane nightmares they must dream.

Anyway last night I worked late and stayed to sleep in the studio. When I finally fell asleep I dreamed that someone stole a child I was taking care of and ran over it with a car on Ward's island. Then someone else - or possibly the murderer - was beaten to death in this building. The closets outside our studio were no longer closets but lockers and that's where the violence happened. When I woke up I felt like my throat was choked up, like I swallowed something bitter and then I realized that I was crying. It was five am and still dark and I was scared so I turned on the light and watched bad internet television until the sun came up. Everything felt wrong, which never happens to me here. But to dream about the building in its "original" state was new and terrifying.

Lisa Cristinzo once told me a story about an underground path that exists underneath the floor. One time (years ago) in the middle of the night the girls left their sleeping rooms and crawled into the dark space with flashlights in an attempt to find the boys' dormitory. They got lost and scared somewhere in the middle and probably started screaming and crying so the groundskeeper had to find them and bring them back up. There is a blocked door in the old west wing kitchen with a "Keep Out" sign. It just leads to a black hole in the ground that looks like a portal. Why would anyone want to go there?? I think I'm going to spend a night in the city.


bonny poon said...

i think maybe i went to school in this building? 1993-95. teachers mostly taught roasting marshmallows on the beach. my memory is a black hole but there were definitely creepy vibes, murderous mystique, etc. best education ever.

benivulka said...

Bonny: I think you probably did because others told me that they spent a week or two here while in grade school.

Did you also sleep here?

bonny poon said...

no - non-island kids took the ferry every day. tho we would stick our tongues out by the windows of the dorms that visiting students would sleep in.