Saturday, August 22, 2009

This is how far the log is from the shore. Yesterday the water was super choppy but warm.

Kevin and I built a beautiful fire for everyone. This is me lovingly admiring the fire.

Sarah Creskey finally came back to me

During one of the many swimming forays I mysteriously got this gash on my leg.

I haven't bled like that in a while so I kind of just let it dry like that because it made me proud.

Yesterday was full of activity. We canoed to the secret wild island west of Hanlan's to look at birds and then climbed the floating log at sunset. I probably went swimming five times. This is how stormy the water was (click). Today my body is absolutely damaged by red ant bites and bruises. I was going to go into the city but I think I will have a nap instead and maybe go later.

All the pictures of me are by Helena and Kevin and Lisa.

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