Thursday, September 3, 2009

This INCREDIBLE animation is by Sarah Pupo, who is my dear friend and roommate in Montreal (and on the island). I love it so much! Taylor is making music for it now.

Last night the ghosts spoke into my ear like they do every almost-full-moon. I'm no longer afraid of ghosts, I kind of got used to them being around here. Sometimes they're a nuisance if you're trying to fall asleep. Please, I know you think I'm imagining it but everyone here felt it. I'm not the only one. There was one moment when I was falling asleep, my wet hair on the pillow, all I could hear in my head were a thousand voices repeating "I want to shower, I want to shower too". I am not crazy!

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Xenia said...

Whoa creepy!

<3 Sarah.. like William Kentridge but way more interesting...