Thursday, September 10, 2009

I love it. This picture was taken with the help of the lovely Helena Kvarnstrom.
I want to shoot at night more, it looks dirty and weird, I like it.

In Montreal right now, to return some equipment and see my amazing roommates and pals. It feels good to be back, I forgot how in Quebec I can get delicious local strawberries just around the corner and other stuff that makes me happy like maple syrup and bison sausages and homemade potato chips from Jean Talon market.

I'm looking for female models, I'll write a real post about it tomorrow morning. If you're reading this and you're a brunette and around my size, please help! I can't pay but will supply free boat tickets and make you dinner.


inne said...

oh my god, that looks amazing!!!

Iris said...

I love this picture.
Are you going to make prints of it?
I am a brunette around your size.


maryanne said...

i haven't seen you in a little while yuula, but if you tell me more i might be interested! drop me a line on the old fb if you like :)