Saturday, September 19, 2009

My mother (centre) with her two best friends in Lianozovo Forest. Moscow, 1979

Mom (left) and Dad (next to her) with my mom's best pals, Moscow 1979

Dad hunting at the summer house (circa 1978)

My 13 year old mother as a Soviet Pioneer at camp, with friend.

My brother and I hanging out at the lagoon in the beautiful Achziv Park, Northern Israel, 1992

My sister thoughtfully admiring a giant flower, Northern Israel, 1992

Me bored on a family trip 1993 (just started growing boobs??)

Me, 1986

and 1987

In 1991 I got a buzz cut and conquered ruins

My sister Xenia, grade one! Moscow, 1987 ? 1988?

Where we swam all childhood (Northern Israel - over the mountain is Lebanon)

from the mountain, 1998

Me and my classmates, May 1st holiday, Moscow 1987

Look how calm and neat!

Me with mom and dad on the beach, 1985

My sister and brother and I trying to study flowers from a book, Israel, 1993

My mother, 35 years old

My brother tries to charm a female neighbour (the 4 of us made our first video that day!!) 1995

Alright OK they conquered the ruins too!

Brother and sister with grandma, 1992 (my brother is wearing my fave Ghost Busters shirt - look how worn out!)

Our home on the mountain

What I miss the most

and this

What it looks like now (17 years later)


Sara in America said...

Do you still speak Russian?

benivulka said...


Stephen Thomas said...

these are great. I like the your dad with the hunting gun one especially. also bored boobs.

Stephen Thomas said...

by the way sara in america I discovered your blog last time we both commented in yuula's blog and liked it and now I just went back and no update! pls update! I need to know about grad school in the states.

benivulka said...

I think my dad took that photo himself - see how there is something obstructing the view in the very front? Like it's on a shelf or something? Haha. I think it's very cute that he propped the camera to take a picture of himself with a gun.

Xenia said...

Dad kinda looks Like Steve Thomas, no?