Thursday, October 8, 2009

I don't know why but when I watch this video I feel SICK:

Actually, there is a really excellent book by Julia Kristeva called "The Powers of Horror" (you can read it online here). It talks about "abjection" and how when something is neither subject nor object we feel repulsion and fear. For example, because we encounter living things on a daily basis, seeing a corpse (an object and subject at once) makes us feel sick. It's a body that should be alive but isn't. It's kind of similar to the feeling you get when confronted by dismembered limbs, piles of hair / shoes / gloves, rotting living things and robots. It's eerie and uncanny and has connotations of death.

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Xenia said...

hmmmm yeah totally a corpse is like an abandoned glove but an abandoned glove is like a corpse also? the idea that subject / objects are animated by something other than a living force is like being possessed by nothing / a zombie?