Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Last day in my studio, Lisa's paintings stacked against the wall, my giant driftwood

I moved back to Montreal and promptly went away to the Eastern Townships with Matt

we walked down a path through private property to a log cabin

it was really beautiful. The leaves are changing in Quebec already

the cabin was in the middle of nowhere.

and these waterfalls were nearby

there were small animal skulls and bones all over the place

and ones that were bigger than my torso. I photographed them.

then Matt photographed me with them. I broke this one! Its jaws fell off.

Montreal is rainy. I am mourning over the island a bit. It feels very strange to experience the entire summer and then the beginning of fall in a place that seemingly doesn't change. It really is another world. I'd like to be back in December, I already have an idea for a video.

The past two winters in Montreal have affected me badly mostly due to the fact that it snows a lot, it gets dark early and I can't ride my bike because of ice on the roads. On top of that, I am usually crazy busy and stressed out. All those factors are enough to make me sink into depression again. I need to make this winter different. I live in an awesome house with good friends, I know some great people here who I should spend more time with and most importantly: I need to invest in some snow boots and stop spending cold winter days indoors. I think that is the worst. I mean - always being indoors. Seriously. I can do it, right?? I hope you enjoyed my little motivational talk. Hi friends in Montreal let's go for a walk or a bike ride!


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