Thursday, October 15, 2009

MOM JEANS IS TOMORROW!!!! 8PM !!!!!!!!!!!!

Are all mom Jeans the same? Are all moms the same? Did everyone in the 70s dress the same? Yes the answer is YES. Just kidding of course not, duh!
By wearing vintage and current borrowed from their mothers, in "Mom Jeans" young men and women are going to debunk your "mom clothes" myths. This fashion show will feature the following artists/models:

Gwendolyn Bieniara
Cameron Lee
Brette Gabel
Raymi Lauren White
Krysta-Lee Karenina
Vanessa Rieger
Amelia Ehrhardt
Yuula Benivolski
Anna May Henry
Alicia Nauta
Heather McTavish
Elizabeth Ewanchuck
Eva Kolcze
Lauren Bride
David F.M. Hanes
Helena Kvarnstrom
Zoƫ Alexis-Abrams
Sarah Bodri
Eric Shinn

Brainstormed and organized by guest artist Xenia Benivolski for MASSIVE SALE: YYZ MALL ; a series of events by Daniel Borins and Jennifer Marman concluding their residency at the YYZ artist centre.

This is not about making fun of moms! This is about embracing what you will become or will not become! Drawing a clear line between then and now rather than avoiding it! See for yourself.

Runway Beats by the Onakabazian!

Featuring the Artist Ulysses Castellanos,
War & Leisure fashion line by Aleks Ognjanovich
Alphabeta Moda fashion line by the Shinn family
(w/ music by Fushuntruth & Friend of Phi), DJ Brontron, DJ Sidenote, DJ Invisibling, DJ Chirajito.

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