Friday, October 23, 2009

This image of three young girls offering berries to visitors is from a really great page of colour photographs from the early 1900's in Russia (thanks Kevin!) The colours are so strange that it looks almost unreal, like from a movie or something. You can look at the rest here. In almost every photo men carry a sword or a gun.

There is also a really great blog that my friend Adam wrote about recently called English Russia. It delivers strange/interesting historical and contemporary information about Russia, mostly accompanied by photographs.

I think I'm having horrible PMS because in the past two days almost everything that happened has been surprisingly awful. Worst of all, I keep hurting people's feelings without knowing, yesterday, last night, this morning. What is wrong with me?

On the flip-side, I got a new bike from the amazingly incredible Nancy Ring and I am going to get a good lock for it. I dropped off 9 rolls of film to be processed and sent off 4 exhibition proposals. Tomorrow I am signing a contract with the gallery that will host my thesis show in February and we may even try to plan another event for Montreal's Nuit Blanche, which happens while my show is still up. It's really exciting and everything is FINE but I got that sinking feeling and I know that the only solution is to wait for my hormones to calm the F down.


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