Friday, October 16, 2009

This is from yesterday, on the island. Sarah Creskey and Sarah Richardson braved the windy cold day with me, thanks so much guys!! The torches kept blowing off every 2 minutes because it was so windy, so last night I researched how to make a proper torch. Pretty easy!

Last night was also Mom Jeans, which is a show that my sister Xenia organized. The models wore their mom's clothes (or mom inspired clothing). It was the best! I was nervous to walk out there but had so much fun in the end. I wore Kevin's glasses, which made everything swim in front of my eyes. There is a video coming soon!

I've been working like crazy, every day since I came here. It feels great because I don't waste time and my sleeps have been amazing, but I'm also extremely tense and because of this routine now every "fun" activity is threatened with being deemed "a waste of time". I guess that's what happens when you enter an obsessive work mode.

Now: This American Life, a cigarette and a walk down to the market.

I still need models for Sunday and Monday! We'll be shooting on the island and in the Don Valley park.


zsofia said...

moms clothing? i think a good 7 things my mom gave me or used to wear.
my mom and i went to a conference in Toronto and ran off to niagra falls for a night. and i was cold. my mom brought two identical sweaters, one for me and one for her, but in different colors. so. yeah . we matched.

yuula said...

zsofi, you should have been in the show!