Monday, November 16, 2009

Yuula Benivolski
Antichrist - wasn't as bad as I imagined.

Colin Fisher
wasnt as good as i imagined! :)

Yuula Benivolski
it was interesting, i certainly had a lot to say about it afterward.

Amy C Lam

Amy C Lam
I thought it was worst movie ever

Amy C Lam
this is the conversation everyone is having all over le monde

Yuula Benivolski
it was weird, more obvious than his other ones, i don't think it was the worst but it was definitely not what i expected.

Laura McCoy
i agree with amy, worst movie ever. a waste of time. totally failed at the end. a misogynist piece of crap.

Yuula Benivolski
but did you like breaking the waves or dancer in the dark or the idiots or dogville? the heroine is always damaged in some way, i think this one was just particularly obvious. i felt that it was misogynist but not without a twinge of irony. what disturbed me and my companions however was that more than 75% of the audience were single men.

Laura McCoy
but there was no motivations for her "damage" because she was "crazy" before her trauma. she was putting his shoes on wrong the whole time and then she become a deranged murderer who totally turns and the only explanation is that it's because she's a woman who once explore this stuff and now she lives it. I was with him until that point, but he just made her crazy and then killed her off and the real hero becomes the guy. the other movies weren't so blantant, i think they explored more.

Yuula Benivolski
Laura: I don't agree that the husband became the real hero in the end. I did not sympathize with him once. For me it was more about revolt - throughout the entire film he tried to control her, saying stuff like "I will teach you how to breathe", mocking the way she chose to grief, refusing to have sex with her, forcing her to rationalize her feelings, etc.

The witchhunt and "nature is Satan's church" bits were unnecessary, even if they were there only to restate her "irrationality", which (I would like to think) is the "joke" in this film, it's so obvious that it can't not be be a joke, right? There is a gap between the ways they perceive the world and he is under the impression that he needs to "cure" her. For me it was a film about a cold, controlling husband and his failure (to communicate).

I think that it's very unfortunate that this movie is available for some people to watch, I'm glad that I got to see it with two female friends.

Every single one of his films makes me feel angry, for me this one wasn't the worst.

Amy C Lam
I kind of agree w yr interpretation here yuula because obviously he is making fun of psychology & the tactics of the psychologist husband,
But then like laura said how do you account for the fact that she was "deforming" their son the whole time?? because when he discovers that it's like OHHH he's RIGHT and he DOES become the hero, even if he is a flawed hero,
- its more like "even psychology can do nothing in the face of the terrible evil of woman,"

also, who cares about interpretation when the movie is bad on this level that is like I don't even care to try to understand it, I feel offended that just because some guy shows me some really "shocking" images I should feel like i have to use my brain so hard to argue a meaning out of it,
especially when it actually is just like a music video made in the head of a 13 year old during a slow song at the smashing pumpkins concert
except its real
and I watched it

Nikki Andra Woolsey
the shoes on wrong feet part was the only thing that gave me the deep-creeps, I wish that idea was part of a good movie.

Stephaney Bird
I really loved the movie.Touched on some interesting themes.

Jeremy Hobbs
I heard that during the TIFF press conference they asked LVT to explain the apparent misogyny and he replied with something like "What can I say? Women... you love them and you hate them, right?"

Xenia Anemia
I wonder what it is about women that lends itself so well to a tragic storyline, i mean, if it was the guy putting on the shoes wrong, you wouldn't have given a shit, right? it would be 'silly' or something.

Colin Fisher
the monochrome bookends are gorgeous!
i think a misogynist interpretation is oversimplified.
this is a 'religious' allegory of genesis after all. eve represents the fall of humankind ( the 'gateway of the devil' - Tertullian). regular banal tv and cinema is so full of a hatred of women i think most are desensitized to it. so i think most of von triers movies are self-reflexive for that reason. to act as a mirror. (once again i wasnt super impressed with anti-christ, maybe i should see it again)
and if we think of the main character as an eve/mary archetype.. some of her actions or negligence is more allegory.. 'whos son must die for the redemption of mankind'..
he wrote this during a great personal depression.. eve is von trier. its his own madness that is expressed through the central woman character.

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