Friday, November 20, 2009

By Helena K, from the cold November day when I decided to walk into the frozen lake naked.

So, I'm officially 29 now, which also means that I was wrong, I'm actually starting the 30th year of my life. GOODBYE 20s! You better take me seriously now.

Yesterday Matt and I drank champagne and watched a documentary about Tarkovsky while it rained outside. Sounds magical, right? It was pretty great except the narrator of the film had that NOTORIOUS pathetic-monotonous tone of voice that most Russian movies pre-1990 have. You know the one (I think) !! If you don't, please watch this animation by Yuri Norstein called Hedgehog in the Fog. It was our fave when we were kids. But the narrator has the same sad and "poetic" tone of voice - it's like Soviet children/adults are supposed to be too thoughtful to have fun.

Throughout the entire film I obsessively waited for shots of Moscow circa 1982, to give myself a reminder, maybe even imagine that my parents would pop up suddenly during the filming of Brezhnev's funeral. Alas I underestimated my parents' political views and the entire film was composed of long shots of Tarkovsky, giving advice to young filmmakers, while a man overdubbed his speech in Italian and then the sad Soviet man translated it to Russian. Very confusing.

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