Thursday, November 19, 2009

If Chloe Sevigny was totally OK to give Vincent Gallo a real BJ in a movie that not that many people ended up seeing, how come William Dafoe couldn't put his penis in Charlotte Ginsburg for just 2 seconds in Antichrist? Is it cause he's married? I thought he was a devoted actor. That film is already so screwed up, what's one real penetration shot?
OK that's the last thing I will say about it.

It's my birthday! I'm 29 !!!! This (on top) is a real depiction of Yuula circa 1986. Here's what happened: I woke up and my mother gave me my presents, which were this dress that I'm wearing and a toy helicopter (she may have had trouble discerning whether I would prefer "boy" or "girl" presents, and rightfully so). I loved both. It's the only birthday I remember until I was about 15.

I'm having a bonfire at Dufferin Grove Park on Sunday (the 22nd), at 6:30pm. You should come, bring a blanket, maybe a drink and a snack. The fire will end at 10pm! I want to see you.

Here's a link to the event (click)!!

Here's an episode of This American Life about birthdays and anniversaries (click).



magda o said...

mmmm but it is said that the chloe bj wasn't even real...

and that whole scenario and the hoopla surrounding it was so fucking lame and ridiculously overhyped. it's a blow job! on screen! omg! never seen before! Vince Gallo is such a revolutionary! Next up he's selling his sperm on eBay! He's such a genius.


haven't seen antichrist, but really some penetration for a role impossible? ok im just seething about everything now, maybe cos i had to take the ttc this morning.


marla said...

I recall Chloe and Vincent were a couple, or a recently separated couple when that film was made, so perhaps not as hard to do as people?

Maybe Charlotte didn't want William's penis anywhere near her.

Anonymous said...

Ha! 2 seconds times 50 takes!