Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fire on the island with Sari and Romy and Lisa and Megan, about 3 weeks ago.

So I'm trying this new experiment where I watch stuff that really scares me, like people getting hurt and blood and gore but it's not getting any easier because the only thing I can think of when I'm watching is "how does this feel?". It scares me so much, especially the broken bones.

I haven't been able to watch anything like that ever since my car accident 12 years ago. Being in pain for 4 weeks taught me a lesson about injuries. I especially remember going from a sitting to a lying down position and feeling all my broken ribs crunch and hurt so much that i couldn't breathe. Now when I see it on the screen I instantly imagine how it feels and double up in (sympathy) pain.

I spent 2 days at my parents' house and gained 5 lbs! No joke. Sedentary lifestyle, fridge full of snacks. My pants don't fit me AND I left my running shoes in Montreal. Bummer!

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