Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This is from my birthday fire last Sunday. I had the best birthday ever, followed by a cold. At least the cold waited until I finished celebrating.

This week will be my last one in Toronto. I will come back during Xmas to shoot a video but other than that I will be printing and building frames until Feb 12, which is the opening of my thesis show. Only 2.5 more months! I'm a bit scared.

By the way, I haven't smoked in 2 days now (because of the cold) and my mood alternates between psychotic moments of "enlightenment" and MURDEROUS RAGE. Which is why this blog entry is so short (everything I just eliminated was pure NEG).


magda o said...

i'm so happy i much,

you are so amazing.

seriously though.. these moment of "enlightenment" and "murderous rage" is exactly how i've been feeling for the past month.. it's fantastic at some points but totally exhausts me this constant going from one extreme to another all the fucking time.

benivulka said...

thanks!!!! i'm really glad you came too!!
it would be awesome to have more fires in the park, maybe when it starts snowing.

Victoria Jean Cheong said...

wow this picture makes us look like the bests! and happys

bruce said...

did you ever find your card again? if not i will make you another!

specialist birthday ever!

bruce said...

ps it's sarah c not bruce!

benivulka said...