Monday, December 28, 2009


18 years old, birthday? Shaved head started to grow in a bit, I just let it get fuzzy and weird, whatever, right?

Ailon swimming in the Jordan river at about 7am.

We met when I was finishing highschool and pretty much a couple of months into our relationship Ailon was drafted into IDF, which was awful. He was working as a mechanic in the air force, or at least I think that's what he did? I mean, he was not allowed to tell me or his family what he was doing there, which put a huge dent in our relationship, I mean the whole army experience did. Then I moved to Canada and after about a year of traveling back and forth our relationship ended. Ailon and I dated for 3 years.

Waiting with dad for his car to get washed, Achziv, 2000. This is before my dad lost 120 lbs.

Sharonki (Sharon) and her brother Dunu (Daniel).

Sharon and Dunu lived in Clil, which is an artist village just south of my hometown. This is what you'd see if you walked outside on a sunny day, uuuuughhhhh so nice!

The village was founded about 30 years ago, a group of friends had bought adjacent plots of land and then built beautiful homes on it around 1980. The land is full of palm trees and rocks and olive groves and scary insects.

Sharon and I became friends in grade 10 and were super close. I painted and she studied performance/theatre and we stayed up all night drinking wine right here amongst the scorpions and other bugs and darkness. Scorpions were literally running across the kitchen floor sometimes while we were hanging out, yah, no big deal!

Her father Giddi who is also a painter built her a house and when we were in it together I kind of felt for the first time how it is to be "independent".

I found a hedgehog in the desert in kibbutz Sde Boker! There were so many of them running around the kibbutz and I was warned against picking them up in case it's a pregnant female (she'd probably get scared and miscarry right away) but I picked this one up anyway, I couldn't help myself, sorry.

Eran and Emma, early 2000. After I got over my crush on Eran we became close friends, best pals really, for a long time. At this point I started frantically taking pictures of everything around me, because I knew we were moving to Toronto.

Walking along Nahariya shore with Eran, probably 2000.

Sooo, eventually against his will Eran was recruited to the army and had to shave/cut his hair. The army was a pretty traumatizing experience for him and I'm pretty sure he had to declare profile 21, or 24 (is it true????) to leave it. Read more about Profile 21 and the refusal to serve in the army here and here. Both Xenia and I agreed to get profile 21.

This is where I spent most of 1998-2000. Once school was finished we'd sit on the beach every night and drink wine and talk and do nothing the way you can only do when something really intense (high school) is finally over.

Now imagine moving from that to this! aaah Canada I learned to love you.

First visit back home, goodbye Toronto hello Tel Aviv!! so happy!

TO BE CONTINUED (this is taking so looong)
Next post: moving to Canada and maybe some high school remnants!

Aaaah ok so I finished reading The Possibility of an Island and it was the best ever, albeit super depressing. Basically Houellebecq thinks that in the end our violent nature will make us regress back to savagery, ie: no respect for the young or elderly, procreation at any price, cannibalism, illiteracy, etc etc... I picked up "Platform" by Brette's recommendation, I'm only on the 6th page and it's already sounding good. Is it awful that I enjoy really depressing books like that? Even the funny books I read are about cruel, pathetic and miserable people, what does that say about me?

You should download this: Mississippi Records' "House of Broken Hearts" mixtape, it's so good, Matt has all of them, how lucky!

Side 1
Side 2


Xenia said...

Only I got profile 86 and had to register anyway! I wonder if I'm allowed back in yet??

yuula said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
yuula said...

whoa are you serious???! i thought we were both 21!!

i got profile 74 and was about to be drafted, remember? i freaked out and went to see the psychiatrist, pretty much demanded profile 21, he gave it to me no problem - women are slightly less important in the army service, hah.

sharonki said...

It is amusing to me that I am sharonki (Sharon Kimberly) and I have a brother named Daniel, just like your friends here.

Anonymous said...

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