Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Giuseppe Penone

Justine Kurland

Gabriel Orozco

Andy Goldsworthy

Susan Coolen


Last summer on the island I buried three birds, one of them with Matt, two with Sarah. Next summer I'm going to harvest the bones. One of the birds was a duck.

OK, as a side note, while attempting to type "duck" I accidentally typed "fuck" and then "suck". I guess it makes sense because the letters are in close proximity of on the keyboard. Still. Freudian? Kidding!!!
I don't do that.

Back to the duck - I'm excited to see what it looks like, I've seen some duck skeletons before, they're very impressive. I'll take a picture for you.

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magda o said...


J & I saw his stuff at the pompidou in 2004. It was so grand and smelled so good .. at least his giant room of tea leaves.

The trunk one was awesome to see too!!!