Thursday, December 17, 2009

here's the deal:

Moscow, sometime in the mid-1980s. Left to right: my parents' favourite high school teacher, my sister Xenia, my brother Stasik and my dad Alexander! My dad must have been like 29 in this photo, maybe even younger. My parents had a super close relationship with this particular teacher, up until we left Russia. His name was Boris Borisovich. I had a dress identical to the one Xenia is wearing here, in red.

Moscow, 1985. My mom Roza photographed by my dad. My dad used to take all our family photos earlier in the day, he had a b&w darkroom in our bathroom where he'd develop photos and then hang them to dry all over the place. This was taken just after my brother was born.

me playing with an insect, age 5. This photo got totally destroyed. I didn't care at the time, as an immigrant child I found the past embarrassing and frankly wanted to destroy all of my memories! I hated them. Now I wish I hadn't!!

Hello Israel! Left to right: me, my mom, Xenia and Stas. Look at our clothes! It was December. We arrived, were stunned by the "winter" and promptly took off our sweaters. I'm wearing suspenders given to me by my aunt Nina. You see the mountain in the background? It's Lebanon. We pretty much lived around that area the entire time.

Israel, 1991. Xenia and Stasik and my mom at the Monfort Castle. Look at my Xenia's awesome outfit and hair!

Identifying flowers with Nina. In reality Nina was our grandma's cousin, but we always called her Aunt Nina because that's what our parents called her.

Succot (harvest) celebrations at the Kibbutz. I don't know if the stripey shirt is myself or my sister. We've always shared clothes, ever since childhood, that stripey shirt was my fave, I still dress the same. One time during a Passover dinner at my dad's friend's place, I wore it for the festivities and a girl younger than me came up to me and was like "it's a holiday, how come you're not dressed up" and it totally crushed me! Oh man. She was seven! I made a mental note to burn down her dad's house when I get older. I think at that point I started to become aware of Money.

Jerusalem, around 1992. Xenia, Stasik and me. We really look like we fit in, right. During that trip I got an awful flu and don't remember any of it, besides almost puking on the train ride back to the north. We stayed at my uncle Volodya's house in Jerusalem, it was full of antiques and red velvet curtains. Volodya is a poet and a writer.

My brother and I playing at some brook by our house.

Xenia hiding in the nook at our beach, reading a book or writing in her diary! Diaries were a big deal for us, I still have mine but I can't look inside, the horrors

Me and my best friend Vera and her black cat. We became friends almost instantly in grade 4 and were inseparable until our family moved to Canada. When she was older she changed her name to Fillid because she felt like her former name was giving her bad luck. Coincidentally, a lot of things have changed with her name, for the best, I think.

This is it for now. Next post: HIGH SCHOOL!!!


So, I started jogging in the snow and doing Yoga and meditation in my room. It actually works! Last night I felt so relaxed, I put away work and just read for 3 hours. All work has to come to an end at some point of the day and my inability to stop gives me a lot of anxiety: I think about work when I wake up, shower, eat, on the metro, before bed, when I read or talk to someone. It never stops but I'm going to change that.

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