Sunday, December 13, 2009

This is somewhere in the Moscow area, the shirtless man in the middle is my grandpa Georgiy. At the summer house one year, he came along right after having a stroke. His entire left side was paralyzed but he insisted on swimming across the river every day in spite of his non-functioning arm and leg. I was never allowed to swim across he river (too young, girl) or jump off the big bridge, but my cousin (also named Georgiy) who was a year older than me and a boy, did with his friends and made sure to rub it in my face.
I made a deal with myself lately: I sleep in every morning and then spend the entire day in the darkroom. It should work, except I'm the worst at sleeping these days so I have to resort to help. So far Lavender tea works the best but I don't know where to get it in Montreal. Advice??

You should listen to this
and this.


magda o said...

arthur russell is the best...

this is how we walk on the moon is one of my favorite songs in the whole world.


i'm so excited to see more work from you.
i totally feel like i'm stalking you cos i think i reply to all your posts. heh.

benivulka said...

you're not stalking, i thought we were pals!

yes to arthur russell but that album i listened to is so sad :(

lo said...

i love your darkroom story & phots! thanks for the tour!