Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Group-repair job on the Chromira on Monday January 25, 2010. Watch how the Chromira prints without the cover, after we finished the job. It exposes 12,000 individual pixels in 3 seconds while moving across the entire width!" from http://hexdi.tumblr.com/

Look how awesome that is! It prints LED light in the dark onto photo paper. I was so impressed yesterday. Working at Hexagram so far has been such a pleasure, I only wish I had done it earlier. In my entire university experience students are rarely given enough trust to fix or maintain any of the more expensive or complex equipment they use (unless they're a tech), whereas it's the opposite here: you're encouraged to learn everything about the machines you use, it's so empowering. It totally made my day yesterday.

I've been up all night thinking and stressing but somehow managed to get 3 hours of sleep, so I can go back to work now. I talked to Amy last night for a long while, it was so good but sad and I'm a little bit scared about LIFE or what'll become of it in about 3-4 weeks. But also excited!

Listening to Dinosaur Jr all day today and also this Israeli psych record that Matt bought me while I was away, it's so incredible and makes me miss home.

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