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This is my dad on a family trip. Seriously, look at how young he is! I must have been 16 then. My parents are practically babies compared to most of my friends' parents. My dad just turned 50 in October 2009.

Ailon going back to the army Sunday morning. Sundays were always bummer days because of that. BTW, for Jewish people Sundays are like Mondays, there's school and work, it's the first day of the week.

In Israel more people have died in car accidents than in all the wars that were fought on that land combined. It's true and pretty awful. Just before we left they put these signs by the side of the road, this one says: BEWARE! 217 ACCIDENTS 1997-1999. You should know that the stretch of road takes 3-8 minutes to drive through.

Sharonka (right), her mom Orna on the left, Ofri in the middle! Sharon is my friend who lived in the beautiful artist village. Her mom didn't mind us drinking wine or smoking at the house, I was 17 at the time and thought it was awesome because my parents were kind of strict.

Goodbye friends! Hagar (left) and I totally made out when we were in grade 9 and thought it was cool to be a lesbian.

HELLO CANADA!! My dad pretends to pick my mom's nose for the photo - everyone's dirty and tired from moving, look at how tanned they are! I'm in the background with crossed legs on the floor in our furnitureless North York apartment. The first day we arrived we ordered pepperoni pizza and slept on the floor in our bedrooms. Thank god everything in Canada is carpeted.

I was depressed and stayed in my room for the first 3 weeks. I wrote letters to my friends and recorded my (negative and imaginary) observations of life in Toronto on tape, interlaced with sad songs. Then I walked outside to the G-Ross Lord park and saw a fox and a rabbit and a bunch of frogs in a pond and then my life changed! Nature is the best! Ever since that day I felt generally OK about moving to Canada. I joined my parents on trips to the park or anywhere really where I could lie on the grass and sip coffee.

First fall-winter in Toronto, it was colder than I could ever imagine. Here I am happy because Vera came to stay with us.

Xenia and I decided to apply to OCAD, kind of last minute. She did her co-op at Art System where we met Jubal Brown and Josh Avery and Zoe Stonyk and many other people and it seemed like a good idea. This is September 2002, first week of school.

That's also where we met Ashley Long! Well I guess you can't see her but she's wearing the big hat.

AAAAND Jon McCurley,

and a girl named Leah who I became really good friends with in 1st year.

Just so you know, the new OCAD building did not exist then! It's on top of where that orange fence is. Still 2002!

I had a huge crush on my colour teacher, Keith Rushton. He'd tell us about the way different colours affected our psyche and talk about his yatcht (?!) and I totally swooned.

Lisa was in my colour class, with Keith Rushton, she thought he was pompous and wasn't into the yacht talk. Lisa and I recorded our conversations outside while smoking and sometimes we'd stay up until 5am talking on the phone while working on our projects and she'd fall asleep in the middle of a sentence. The walls of her house were made of books and she slept in a nest in the middle of the room, I miss her all the time.

I met Raymi through Noel, who she started dating after Noel and I broke up. At first I was like "who is that biiiiitch" and then we became friends. We met IRL at Noel's one halloween, I wore a giant hairy vagina costume and she totally fell in love with me (don't deny it!) and everyone took mushrooms and had a really BAD time at some party. Anyway, in the end it was all about ex gfs in solidarity, make love not war!

Tomas Del Balso pre-platinum blonde! This was at the Bistro in 2003.

New year's eve 2002-2003. The day I made a very memorable mistake, the mistake that kept on giving for the next two years. If you ever see my eyebrows go THAT high it means that I am very drunk and you should send me home in a cab.

Waiting for dinner, 2003

Waiting for breakfast, 2003

I have so much more!!

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