Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I got some tiny animal skulls mailed to me from Wisconsin. They are for a new project.

Life is busy. Last week our department went through an unnecessary drama that left me feeling exhausted. I gave two artist talks, attended one very long and emotional meeting, put together my thesis panel with the help of G and M, applied for spring graduation, went to a bunch of openings by faculty and friends and spent the rest of the time printing until midnight every day. Then came to Toronto without telling anyone, to watch 3 days of video submissions. Holy shit. When is it going to be over?

I'm starting to see results from 6 weeks of running! I fall asleep every night no problem regardless of how stressed I am, gained about 5 lbs (but my pants are looser) and climbing up flights of stairs is easier. Why climbing stairs and speaking of them - I'm slowly concurring my fear of elevators by taking the elevator when I'm with friends, which is a lot of the time. I've taken it to Hexagram (10th floor) many times now and only get mild anxiety. You may think it's a joke but two years ago I couldn't set foot in one. So, big deal!!

OK this is the end of my health report.

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Robyn Dru Germanese said...

wow good for you getting into elevators!!!! You told me about this anxiety during our rideshare together and I have thought about it ever since. Keep busy. Please tell me about your vernissages.