Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rozbah Bahri, 27, of Toronto, Parvez Bahri, 25, of Toronto, Said Serwary, 23, of Toronto, Ahmad Ghafari, 23, of Hamilton and Omed Sarwary, 23, of Toronto.

Today I read about the five men who sexually assaulted two women after a new year's party in Toronto. Seriously, no matter how drunk or damaged one is, I have no mercy or sympathy for rapists. Apparently they hired some lawyers and turned themselves in today. They deserve worse than whatever they get and if there was actually a castration party happening (someone suggested today) I would be there 100%. I don't care how angry this sounds. These guys are the reason I automatically give furious looks to any strange man who looks in my direction on the street, worst pieces of shit ever.


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Robyn Dru Germanese said...

I know how angry this makes you. I feel the same way. I don't even watch tv or movies with rape scenes in it because after wards i end up hating on men more. Last month i was in a really BAD mood (because a teacher of mine was being unfair and condescending and then i lost my phone)i got onto the metro and it was so hot i couldn't take it so i took off my winter coat even if a sliver of my torso showed. I was leaning against the doors when this HUGE bruiser of a man started undressing me with his eyes (but seriously-no joke- he wasn't even being discreet). I felt so uncomfortable and angry that i turned in his direction and said "Did you want to say something to me?" Man shakes his head and looks away. "Then stop looking at me!!!". Neither one of us got off to change onto another car even though tension was pretty thick. I didn't budge although i was pretty scared. He didn't look at me even at an angle after that.
So a little off track from your story but I get confrontational too.