Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ann Hamilton

I am eating really dark chocolate. It says "Intense" in cursive letters on the package. I don't find it too intense tho, if it was up to me I'd call it "Intense?". It feels like such an accomplishment to get back my appetite after a month of starvation and lunacy. I went mad for a while! Like the lady on the corner who asks for burgers or cigarettes, except I asked for sleep or some other form of relief.

My thesis defense is on Friday. Think I can do it? Now that it's here I suddenly don't know what I want from life. Maybe it'll come back once I get back into a strict regime of good food and exercise.

I've been thinking about language a lot, how people use and and how seductive it is to me. It can make or break a relationship! Or at least an interaction. Sometimes I feel like I spew words without thinking, it really frightens me. Like right now! Do you really need to be aware of my stream of consciousness? No you don't! Bye.

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