Sunday, February 14, 2010

(photos by Matt and Helena) (PS Matt and I look like twins)

Happy Valentine's Day, lovers!

My thesis show opened on Friday night. The week prior to that, I cried 6 times a day while having panic attacks. But hey it's done!

Maybe because of the intensity of the past week right now I feel completely numb. Is this normal? My thesis defense is on Friday this coming week, so it's not like it's completely over now.

I lost my keys on Friday. I just left them on a table and went home! I was so stressed out for days that I didn't even know that I left them behind. Plus behaved like an obnoxious jerk. I hope I will learn a lesson some day.


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Nik Dudukovic said...

Damn nice. Wish I could see it in person Yuula. Congrats on becoming a MASTER.