Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MYTHOLOGIES: 4 Mar – 8 Mar
6pm – the Fausto Coppi Space

Marlaina Read, Laura Willis and Laura Haig (AUS), and Yuula Benivolski (CAN) present works in photomedia, sculpture, and installation. Curated by Marlaina Read, Mythologies explores strange topologies, speculative spaces and reinterpretations of known places through ritual, imagination, as well as personal and historical inspired storytelling.

Marlaina curated this show in Adelaide, Australia. You should go, if you happen to be from there. Marlaina takes amazing photographs and runs a really great art magazine called Invisible City and this May she will move to GPCA on Toronto Island for 2 weeks! Super excited.

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Svea Vikander said...

Holy sh*at, you've been busy!