Monday, March 22, 2010

Hello friends, it's been a while. I basically decided to ditch this blog for a couple of weeks. I guess I just felt blank. Let's start fresh now.

Last week I spent a few days at the Tree Museum in Gravenhurst with Sari and Romy and Sojo and Julia. It was unbelievable. I don't even know what to say about that. We ate lamb, drank whiskey and wine and sat by the bonfire at night singing songs. All the animals were singing with us, especially the coyotes. I think we scared the neighbours, oh well. On Friday, Romy took us for a walk to a waterfall and there were bear paw tracks and last year's acorns on the ground and I saw crystals growing on cliffs in a weird formation. OK it's picture time.

There's something for everyone on this table. I'll let you guess what belongs to me. Actually, maybe don't.

Hello fire. I could watch you for hours.

Mint tea and a sip of whiskey before bed

Sunny morning! That's where I went for a jog, behind that barn and beyond it


The path was marked for us two weeks before

Found a Sojo in the forest

This is where the crystals live!

Look at them they're like sparkly veins on top of this cliff

I've never seen anything like it before

My kind of house. I hope it doesn't rain

Romy's offering of lichen and bark. Note the snow - but I was wearing a t-shirt at this point.


My favourite kind of grass - yellow and pressed to the ground

We found a Juniper bush, it was smelly (smelled nice!).

Someone built an enormous tipi in the forest. There is a box inside, with a little book and a pencil, to write your name and the date of your visit

The deer were there just before us! How special.

It was hard to get back to the city, to say the least. OK I'm going for a jog, byee!


Xenia said...

yay this makes me happy!!!

yuula said...

me tooo!!!! i want to go back.

Robyn Dru Germanese said...

this is incredible
i love the crystal vein its mesmerizing