Wednesday, March 24, 2010

At springtime my heart feels like it's perpetually breaking because I know inside that good times (warmth) are coming and it's an excitement mixed with fear kind of feeling. Do you know what I mean? Jeez I hope so.

Kitchen party with Dolly Parton. Nice weather outside too, finally.
This is what happened

Too tired from washing dishes all day (kiddddding)

I got this nice oil lamp in Gravenhust for $2 !

I love it, can't wait to light it

I got something else too

This guy, has dirt and rocks all over the bottom. I hope it brings lots of luck.
Now go listen to this song (here, click here).


L.e.Ross said...

i listened to Dolly Parton's 9-5 very loudly while on my way to work this morning. i love how in that song she's so pissed off at "the man"...

jjj jjjJj said...

I feel that way too, with spring coming. Any major change in weather, really!