Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This weekend will be super warm: 25C in Montreal!!! 28C in Toronto!! Everyone wins.

Drinking mint tea and cleaning my room right now, trying to hold off any new projects until I move to the island in June. It'll be beautiful and productive. Here are some special things I took pictures of while on my cleaning spree:

Seashells from the Dead sea and from lake Kinnereth. I've had them for 10 years. If you stick your hand inside on a hot day it's nice and cool in there.

There was a time in my life where every book I purchased and read was by Charles Bukowski. It was mostly influenced by this man I dated at the time but also because I enjoyed Bukowski's volatile personality.

This guy survived the winter somehow! The plant behind it didn't really (all brown and shriveled up).

Romy gave this to me one night while talking about needs and demystification at Cagibi

These guys are protecting my closet. They used to have Day of the Dead make up on them but now they just look bruised!

Last month's flowers

Matt went to San Francisco with Louis and brought me back this beaver skull. I was reading Georgia O'Keeffe's biography then and he thought I might like to paint it. I may do it, this summer.

Tiny mink skulls and bones and an amethyst wrapped in red cloth. The amethyst was a present from Romy and Sari. It smells of lavender oil.

More bones, small ones, inside that ceramic container. And a giant shell from the Red Sea.

There are a lot of rectangles in my room. I found this frame at the Belgo, someone threw it away. The plaque says: "1904 - 1974. Rural Landscape".

Sarah's painting, that I secretly don't want to part with, and the silicone cast of my hand from a previous project. They go together well, I think.

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