Sunday, April 25, 2010

I want to write but am incapable of composing a coherent paragraph due to cold medication! Yes I got a cold. So I will make this point form.

1. Chatroulette is way too busy for me. Who has time to wait for it to load?!

2. So how can I impress YOU? You, reading this entry.

3. I've been reading about Canadian criminals and it's terrifying to read about places that are real to me, like Scaborough, or North York, places that I kind of know. Speaking of Scaborough, a few years ago a friend of mine purchased Karla: A PAct With the Devil and recommended that I read it but I don't think I was ready then. Or now.

4. People have been sending me love letters for my summer project and I'm really enjoying them, thank you.

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