Monday, May 17, 2010

Nancy Ring, May 7, 1962- May 15, 2010

Last summer I spent a couple of months writing twenty five short stories for Nancy. If it hadn't been for her I probably wouldn't even try to write again for a long time. When my bike was stolen in November, she just gave me hers. I went to Jean Talon market and got her delicious seasonal vegetables and other snacks I thought she might like and one of my favourite books: Kangaroo by Yuz Aleshkovsky. I've been meaning to see her lately or phone. You should always phone when a friend is ill because you never know. It's the worst, knowing that you missed your chance to say how much they mean to you or to the world. As a professor she was supportive and amazing and cultivated just the right emotions and responses in us. In me. I don't even have any proper words right now because it's the shittiest, most awful feeling when someone so incredible ceases to exist.

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Robyn Dru Germanese said...

my heart felt condolences Yuula
she was equally as lucky to have you