Thursday, June 3, 2010

Somehow, we made it to the island, with my truck full of stuff! I really didn't think we would and there was one moment of me tearing at my hair and holding my breath and blinking a million blinks a second while Matt drove the fastest I've ever seen him drive (within city limits) and tried to calm me down. Anyway! It's all cool now. So many things have happened since Tuesday morning but I am in a rush to get somewhere so I will instead post pictures and write about it later!

Last morning at the garden house, I am outside in the rain but Danielle and Matt are still sleeping

This is what my studio looked like on Wednesday morning (I'm skipping the bad part)

I was totally obsessed with unpacking but these beautiful ladies kidnapped me to have a beer at the secret clubhouse

I can't say where it is, but it is inside a schoolbus!

In the morning Lisa and I went to walk Zolo and Triangle on the beach.

I got the little one!

They're like our kids.


In reality they belong to Manuel, who has the most colourful house ( he built it!)

Manuel is the lighthouse keeper and knows everything about everything. He also builds these insane bikes and bike trailers out of shopping carts, he can build pretty much whatever you ask him, he can build you a house if you pay him!

here's one

My avocado trees grew so much! I'm going to find them a bigger pot for the summer.

Our orchid is in full bloom again after last summer's disaster! My friend John just got one for his birthday and I was trying to describe this magic orchid to him but I don't think he got how overwhelming it is in real life

Look at this thing! It's like a beastly fertile terrifying creature. And it blooms for months.

Jamie made a potato battery, look how happy he is. Jamie and I are sharing this studio for June.

Look, the potatoes lit this tiny LED light on. I'm so impressed!

Close up

OK I'm late to meet my brother but I will be back sometime! Bye!


Xenia said...

youre meeting Stas where!

yuula said...

at his house! omg, he's a real adult now?!

marla said...

Hello you two beautiful women. Wear your twin necklaces to make me smile. It has rained for two weeks in Sydney. x