Monday, August 16, 2010

All I want to listen to is Death in June and Nirvana


It's hard for me to write here sans pictures (I need visuals OK!) and the camera I've been using died in a puddle on the bottom of my purse when Zeesy, Elaisha and I were stuck in torrential rain in the middle of Queen and Spadina safely guarded by 500 riot cops during the G20. But I'll give it a try.

Today was a rough day for many reasons. I guess the main reason is my dad undergoing a heart procedure, which isn't supposed to be a big deal, it was pretty standard but lasted 5 hours. I woke up at 6am really scared and just lied in my bed for a while and then hid in my studio with the door closed all day. I didn't tell any of my friends about it, or about being scared, because I just wanted it to be over. My dad is very young (he turned 50 last october!) and obviously modern medicine is very reassuring, blah blah, but he is my dad and I was on the verge of tears/barfing all day regardless.

Kathleen left earlier this afternoon. She's a writer at the centre and we've been living here together summer after summer for the past couple of years. Lisa and I hugged her goodbye, a strong three way hug, and cried a bit and I realized how many residents have come and gone in these past few months. It's difficult to get so attached to people you live and work with while knowing that they would eventually leave. Whatever, I'm whining now, sorry. I will miss her.

I had an adventure filled weekend. Bonfires every night and secret ventures to the lighthouse. On Saturday we broke into the swan ride area on Centre Island and sat in one of the vessels drinking whiskey and sodas while listening to the Arcade Fire show on Olympic Island. I'm not really into the Arcade Fire but it was so nice. Then naked swims in the lightning storm with friends. Nick Pye is here now. I hope he'll stay for a while.

In the fall lots of people I know are moving in, and one BABY! The baby and I will become best friends, you'll see.

There are a few shows coming up this month and in September, I will write about them when I figure out what I'm going to show/do. In the meantime -- Morley's show opens tomorrow at The Paul Petro Special Projects Space and you should really go because he is a fantastic artist. Here is the invite and have a good night.


marla said...

you are amazing. miss you even tho we had a little time together. coming next summer, hope you will be there?

benivulka said...

YOU are amazing. i will be here and i can't wait to see you. xxo