Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Go read this article about human shaped pylons carrying electricity across Iceland. I love it so much. I'm surprised no one had done it earlier.

Feeling so much better today. My dad is alright. Everything's back to normal!

Here's a pretty easy formula to get rid of temporary depression:
exercise, eat lots of fruit and vegetables, be productive, talk to your friends and spend an hour in bed with your bf/gf/lover entering the dirtiest sentences into google translate then make the robot lady read it back to you and laugh until you cry. Wake up smiling and poof it's gone!

Yesterday I went to the beach and found a giant piece of wood to carve. I am terrified of knives, getting cut or anything that involves getting a glimpse of what's under the skin. But I will be very very careful.

I was reading about the Dopamine+Oxytocin+Prolactin connection when I was sad, trying to understand human relationships. Anyway, it's kind of depressing so maybe skip it. We're doomed to hate each other in the end as long as sex is involved. At least that's what this hilarious woman says. Doesn't sound very optimistic!! Though I'm pretty sure that lady's agenda is to get you to buy her book on Tantric sex so don't take it too seriously.


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bruce said...

the dopamine stuff is messing with my brain ps i love you