Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh lordy lord. Summer's over! Can you believe it?

On friday Zeesy and I will travel to Montreal to torture people for money at la Centrale. We won't be gentle. Here are some things you can purchase: 'I WILL TELL YOU EXACTLY WHAT I THINK OF YOU' - 5$, 'ELECTROSHOCK THERAPY' - 50$, "INTERROGATION" - $5, "BITCH ABOUT YOUR FAMILY/RELATIONSHIP/PARENTS" - $1/MIN, "ELECTRIC KISS" - 3$ and more. See you there!

Cruel Therapies/ Traitements Cruels
as part of BOOM-CHIX-A-BOOM #10
4296 boulevard saint-laurent, Montréal
Aug 28-29

Cruel Therapies/ Traitements Cruels is an exploration of desire and need in a society that relies on its money for comfort and institutions for truth. The inherent masochism of modern western civilization reaches its ultimate point in consumption as entertainment, and cruelty as product. From $1 to $50, you can purchase an experience, for better or worse. This is what passes for entertainment these days.

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