Sunday, September 5, 2010


24 yrs old! Youngins.

Bathurst house. Matt is contemplating life as usual.

First show ever! (left) The audience (me) (right) !

It was obvs a very successful performance

Hungover Monday morning

Camera one!

Camera two!

Camera one!

Camera two!

Halloween 2005, Fake Blood VS Felt Hearts

Climbing cliffs at Bon Echo, 2006

KP's birthday, 2008

Comparing finger sizes with Joe

His is waaaaaaaaay bigger

Oops things are getting violent

OK OK I'll calm down!

In another dimension.

Last night I had a slumber party with my brother in the living room. It was so awesome but I fell asleep at 11pm! Today we were watching a documentary about bride kidnapping in Chechnya and he goes "If I was a Chechen woman first thing I would do is invest in a machine gun."

Every time September rolls around I start missing something that is hard to describe. It could be because I spent the past 23 years of my life in schools. Pavlovian! Fall makes my heart ache in a nice way, especially the Canadian fall, because all I remember is riding bikes with friends through leafy streets and the moisture in the air. My grandma flies back to Tel Aviv this evening where it's still 35 degrees and summery and people wear shorts and flip flops and sit on the beach in the evening drinking beers and trying to keep cool.

I already miss her and she's still here for 2 more hours.

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