Thursday, September 9, 2010

Here is a tentative list of activities that I'm interested in pursuing this fall/winter that you can partake in if you want:

- Work really really hard, beyond my comfort level, all the time.
- Visit the shooting range in Ajax. Don't you want to shoot a real gun for a change?
- Finish a small edition of 3 books (topics: Love, Games, Sex).
- Drink whiskey and bet on horses at Woodbine at least once. $2 bets.
- Build a real functional Igloo on the island
- Bonfires in the snow
- Ice skate in the lagoon once it freezes over. We'll bring a boombox for music.
- Shoot a collaborative HORROR movie in the dungeon/boiler room
- Movie screenings in the fireplace room curated by a new person each week
- Build a sweat lodge? Jamie said he knows how.
- Artist talks
- Artist workshops for Island kids
- Polar bear plunge
- Winter survival tactics

If you have more activities to add to the list you're welcome to.


On a different note: do you ever play power games? Why and who with? Please be honest. You're anonymous here after all. What is the outcome you're interested in? Do you think power games are worth playing? For you personally? You can reply in the comments section or here: CLICK.


Kat said...

I will help you with a lot of those things. Mostly, I could definitely help with the art for kids on the island. That's what I do in the city as a job now!

And yes, sweat lodge!

monsieur oiseau said...

Can I come too?