Thursday, September 16, 2010

This is my winter face, like a stern mother. I'm driving myself insane with (what seems to be) an imaginary problem.


If you have the following items and would like to donate them to me so I can make stuff, please do. Once I convert your donations into a different object, I will give one back to you.

- Bedsheets, pillow cases, duvet covers. Preferably light colours.
- Stainless steel chains (thin), leather straps, leather scraps, fur
- Fabric scraps
- Rope
- Blank cassette tapes or ones I can record over
- Old clothes, preferably light colours, especially cotton tights and undershirts
- Web hosting (we don't need much space)
- Smoke bombs
- Whittling knife (to borrow)
- Candles
- Lighter fluid
- "Mystic Fire"
- Do you have a letterpress? Can I use it?
- Scrap paper of any kind, I'll take anything except newspaper
- Your hands (to assemble something)

Can't remember the rest, I'll finish and repost this list once I'm back on the island and have my notebook. All donations are welcome!

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