Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Now let's try this again.

The other day I came into my studio and noticed that my dead butterfly was gone. Someone took it. Then three days later another one magically appeared. Who brought it? (I know who now).

Our tomato parade! We still have many left in our garden. I've been eating like two a day just to make sure they don't rot on the windowsill. They're fresh and delicious. The orchid finally stopped blooming. It bloomed since April, it was getting creepy!

Oldies&youngins hangin' out. I have a friend who doesn't eat tomatoes unless they're cooked. I think he secretly hates tomatoes. I don't get it! But now whenever I eat them it's like I'm testing them (OK tomatoes, I hope you're ready, be delicious!!) I try to find something wrong with them to rationalize why a person could dislike them. I still haven't found it. Do you do that too?

Spicy sweet potato+sour cream, tomato salad w/fresh basil, parsley and fennel. Most of the food I make these days is orange.


Last night I woke up to the most horrendous racket and through half-closed eyes saw that my bedroom door was open! I suspect it was the storm everyone's been talking about (I missed it). At least I hope it wasn't a person?

Been drinking black coffee all morning, listening to Death of a Ladies' Man and Nashville Skyline, reading the news. Those two are my fave albums because both perfectly ride the line between good/bad taste. "One More Night"?? "'Paper Thin Hotel"? C'mon, what could be better. Sarah Pupo and Jim Holyoak are coming to stay with me tonight! I will make a fire.

OK, back to work.

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Lovely Lovely.

I was effed all day yesterday and up to 2am as well!