Friday, September 24, 2010

Reading the news every day fills me with an unimaginable sense of dread. Tonight while traveling to my parents’ place I had to stop and sit down on a bench because I started crying. It seems like there is no good "news". Is that really true? Zeesy’s new project (titled “Panic”, accordingly) makes me sick with sadness. So do the recent Swedish elections and Jimmie Ă…kesson, anti-burqa law in France, Toronto’s shitty political future (there isn’t ONE candidate that I feel good about), that 16 year old girl in BC whose gang rape pictures were posted on facebook, the amount of police in this city eager to “discipline”, Smitherman is a scumbag, the polar caps are melting and in the meantime a bunch of wealthy countries are fighting over who’ll get to drill the melted ice first, one in four Canadians is obese, Rob Ford is a scumbag, Pantalone is a sexist jerk and there are hundreds of thousands of dead fish in Louisiana. Maybe the purpose of news is to make people feel defeated. Maybe whoever writes the news doesn’t want me to be hopeful about the future. What is it? Today while exiting the subway station I saw a drunk man passed out at the bottom of the escalator with blood on his face. He probably fell down but the kids walking ahead of me literally pointed and laughed at him. Who raises kids like that? I have to stop reading the news or I’ll go insane. Reading it makes my hands shake and gives me such a lump in my throat that I can't breathe. I don’t know how to not take things personally.

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kristin said...

try to find one good thing in the news each day. the information is there! it might just take a while to find it sometimes.