Friday, September 24, 2010

Sarah and Jim came to visit me two days ago. Here I pretend to be mad but secretly feeling so happy! We had whiskey and pretzels on the ferry to the island and the full moon was so blindingly bright it felt like dawn.

I semi-drunkenly cut Sarah's hair while these guys documented the event with drawings. I'll scan them soon.

Fast forward one more beer and I decide to cut my own hair too, god bless me and my good intentions.

(It looks OK don't worry!)

In the morning we picked up the dogs and went to the beach. The little guy is Triangle! The bigger one is Zolo.

The dogs took turns abusing Lisa


The water was freezing cold but we went swimming anyway. Aydin ran into the lake and then quickly ran out, ha.

The little dot on the right is me, Jim is on the left. When I came out my thighs were bright red because of the cold! However, Jim dove in, did some handstands in the water and then pretended to be a beached whale for half an hour. wtf I almost got hypothermia?!


Triangle and I played a game called "Unwanted Attention From a Smothering Female". I thought he liked it?!

obvs not

In fact he preferred to go into freezing water just to get away from me. He stood there shaking until I left!


Shorter hair

Feeling so motivated these days it's bordering on psychosis

I spent last night reading about the historical aspects of wastewater treatment, particularly in France. Did you know that people used to throw buckets of urine and feces out into the street? Since the streets weren't paved rainfall and human/animal traffic helped it decompose/seep into the ground. The French monarchy only took action if they were affected by the smell. You should read this (CLICK) it's interesting.

Speaking of shit, watch this video: the future of Toronto.

The End.

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