Monday, September 6, 2010

Dead bird, squashed tomato.

Yuula on the mountain

Rewards for mountain climbing

Yuula's wounds


This was in May and those pictures were taken by Marlaina when she visited me in Montreal in the spring. She only came for a couple of days but I loved her instantly.

Is summer really over? Alright, it's work time.

Can you recommend a better book on Internet Art besides the outdated Rachel Greene one? It's totally useless, 2004?! You're joking. Name a book or some articles please, I have an idea.


Anonymous said...

marla said...

you are beautiful - and I was so nervous and out of myself. next time will be better. x

Anonymous said...

yuula, its jenny-orenda!!!
long time/big kisses! if you're looking for internet art help you should contact my bff paul. he teaches at goldsmiths in london and is doing his phD on the subject (somewhat). also, he is the coolest and very nice. i'll send you his info in an email right now!