Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Luisa Milan today
Sometimes we work together here at the centre and she's the kindest, warmest most amazing woman you'll ever meet. She is working on an installation right now in a studio next door!

Imagine if people kept quiet and stayed home and the city would have bulldozed this entire land to pieces? Imagine if instead of trees and free beaches and grass that you're encouraged to walk on this place would have been home to an ugly shopping mall and parking lots and condos? Some people have serious prejudices against Islanders, people feel it's unfair that a part of our community gets to basically live in a park while others live on Dundas and Victoria with traffic and billboards so bright they could give you an epileptic seizure. Well, this didn't happen overnight and next time it's your turn to resist some injustice in your life you should try being active instead of staying home in front of your computer and maybe one day you'll get to live on a beautiful island too.

I'm feeling good fall feelings and working slowly down my list - my IMPOSSIBLE list. Watched The White Ribbon the other day when it was grey and sad outside (bad idea) and felt shell-shocked. I should know by now that Michael Haneke will never give me what I want (answers) but he WILL make me fundamentally question human relationships and possibly cry before bed. You should still see it.

I want to read "Born Red" by Yuen Gao, have any of you read it? Why is it every time I go through a conflict with myself I choose the harshest films/literature to entertain myself with?

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Anonymous said...

I read Wild Swans about Cultural Revolution, its great

- Amy.. la,