Thursday, September 2, 2010

End of the night last night after installing Sarah's show. I am delirious here. But so satisfied!

Yesterday I turned on my ipod and the first song that came up was "Fade Away" by Bruce Springsteen. I almost cried on my bike. What's wrong with me. Yes, I listen to music on my bike I know it's dangerous, alright, alright.

Finally relaxing today for the first time in two weeks but this heat is unbearable. I made a really nice and colourful breakfast and suddenly lost my appetite. I wish there was a breeze.

I think the most important thing I learned in life so far is that everything changes rapidly and you won't feel the same for too long. And that bubble gum flavoured ice cream is the most vile piece of garbage that was ever invented. I learned that just recently. Anyway, I'm an optimist. Another oil spill, anyone?

BTW - did you know that Burger King was just bought for 3.2 billion dollars in CASH? Did you know that Toronto could have bought Burger King had they used their G20 security money more productively? What's another 1.2 bil., they totally have it!

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