Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hello fall, hi.

It's been raining for days now and feels like it will never stop.

When I was a kid I would sometimes manage to persuade my mom let us stay home from school during really intense storms. It would be dark out and we'd sit on the couch and watch movies: Pet Sematary or The Breakfast Club or whatever we were obsessed with at the time. I was almost 16 and my sister was 14 and my brother was 13 and those are some of my favourite memories. Sometimes I would light a secret cigarette and they would steal drags when my mom wasn't around. When my parents weren't there to watch us we ruled the house like little adults. We would drink coffee after coffee, make snacks for each other and slowly and leisurely clean the house - so our parents wouldn't suspect anything. Most people I know fight with their siblings, sometimes hate them, sometimes over nothing. It's different with us because when you grow up together so closely and independently it makes you want to protect each other even when you fight. I remember most of the fights I've ever had with my brother or sister because they were/are so infrequent.

Radiolab has this really good episode on the Capgras delusion. It's when you don't recognize the people closest to you or think they are impostors. The episode is called Do I Know You? and you can listen to it here.

Here are some nice songs that feel like fall for you to listen to. Good bye bye bye bye

These next ones aren't really fall songs but I love them so much